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A layman’s guide to trading in gold  


This web site has been set up as an introductory resourcecentre for the smaller investor who is interested in trading in gold.


It is aimed at the ordinary man and offers some basic introductory facts and advice to make gold trading more accessible.


We hope that it may encourage modest and wise investment and avoid serious finger-burning. 


We are offering a simple introduction to the golden aspect of global finance and we will show you where you can buy gold bullion today and locate online live spot gold prices; we will also introduce you to gold brokers, futures trading, numismatists and spread betting. 


We hope that you will find this site useful and follow some of the leads to further your knowledge of and interest in the gold trade. We wish to emphasize that trading in gold can be a very risky medium - as well as profitable.


The information given should be carefully checked and we take no responsibility for any actions taken by visitors to this web site.